Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maternity Mark

I'm not sure, but it's been at least five years since pregnant women started to wear luggage tag like charms,  to be called "maternity mark",  while they are outside in Japan. 

When we get pregnant, we have the obligation to inform the city offices of our pregnancy. Then all of us get the maternity mark along with mother and baby notebooks . 

According to the authority, the mark, which says "A baby in my belly" on its surface, was devised in a bid to call people's consideration toward pregnant women, for example, in trains or in the case that we feel sick outside. Actually the mark is useful especially when our bellies are not so big.

To some people, however, the mark is unpopular. Such people feel as if the mark compelled them to give up their seat in trains or because of it, pregnant women got impudent. 

Since I know such negative opinions, I hesitated to hang the mark on my bag before. However, my midwife asked me to do so, now I am always carrying it.

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