Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Notebooks Of Lectures For College Students

It is often said that enrolling in colleges is hard, but graduating from them is very easy in Japan. 

Actually it is true. To enroll in colleges or universities, high school students have to study very hard. However, after they pass the entrance examinations and enroll in, their campus lives except science and technological departments would be like a paradise. Sometimes students can graduate from their colleges with almost only 1 year attendance. 

One of causes that plays a part for it might be attribute to the notebooks of lectures. In some colleges, this "cheating" notebooks exist. The notebooks are written by students who attend the classes perfectly and take notebooks properly. 1month or so before the examinations, such students bring their notebooks to a print shops near the colleges. The print shops well examine them, choose one notebook per a subject, and sell them. Although it depends on the subject, generally the notebooks are sold by around 700yen. The students whose notes are recruited can earn around 10,000yen by that.

Of course this business is not good and maybe colleges have warned the shops. However, there are a lot of demands, the shops have been keeping selling them. 

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